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Sparkle Sea Turquoise Dress, cap sleeves

Own the dress from the Israel Museum Show today. Do you shine? You will in the Sparkle Collection of dresses. This collection by FrauBlau of limited editon prints and styles is only available for spring and then they disappear! The Frau Blau signature style of 3D graphic computer generated graphics and printing you let you literally be dripping in diamonds a stylistas best friend.

One of Kind Life Judaica

Each piece Marit creates in her studio is available to you via in a custom color of your choice to match you home, spiritual feeling and desire.

Please contact me at to discuss your personalized color choice and have it made by hand by Marit especially for you.

Karsten Risseeuw - Guest Curator of Videography.

Fall in love with his work shared for the first time on CuratedIsrael.

Savor his moody and beautiful tour of Acco, Israel.

Fuchsia Fabulous Fancy Fans for Peace.

Flash your desire for peace in your life and the world with this super glam fan.

Sahar Lazari - Tel Aviv Street Fashion Stylista

Sahar Lazari is a creative new voice on the Israeli fashion blogging scene. At just twenty three years old she launched her eponymous and cheeky new blog SAHARKNOWBEST just two months ago. She has already been featured in TeenVogue, Congrats!!

As part of Curatedisrael’s Curate a One of a Kind Life Issue I am happy to share her One Of a Kind Vision for being a Tel Aviv STYLISTA.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is an elegiac representation of particularly emotional relationships between photographer, subject, animals, and the experience of living a shared life with animals on a farm by the sea. Shlomi has worked with Odeliya before and knows her animals and her spirit. This is a one of a kind image created by hand by Shlomi using a digital pen to paint directly on the photographic plate and then transforming the blend of photograph and painting into a final image.

Daina Reed - Our Indie Stylista

The last few months at Dreed*Tea have been the most exciting by far. Not only has Israel’s first and most famous Fashion House been revived since sitting dormant for the past 20 years, but Israel miraculously had another Fashion Week (only its 3rd since 2011)- where Maskit debuted its “Homage” collection to Israel.

Pashmina Scarves

Efrat has sourced the best of hand made craftsmanship for to share with you.

One of a Kind - find for your one of a kind life.

Guest Curator Doug Greener - The Expert in Israeli Artisanal Beer

The Head Curator Cooks! Diane, Our Head Curator, is cooking for you with our Guest Curator Doug Greener - The Expert in Israeli Artisanal Beer. Doug is sharing his recommendations of what to drink with your Spring Peas, Mint, and Goat Cheese Omelet.

The Jewish Star Symbol Ring. Eternal love.

The Symbols Collection reflects meaning and allegiance to a global world.

Hand wrought in 22 karat gold these rings are weighty and substantial.

One of a kind jewelry to wear your whole life.

All New: The ISRAEL IN NYC SERIES by Our Head Curator Diane.

Israeli creativity flourishes all over the world. As a denizen of both Tel Aviv and NYC I have decided to share with you in my new series all the originality I find in both of my favorite cities. This first in the series is The Kabbalah of Hair.

The Chloe - Necklace

The Chloe is here. This is the ultimate expression of Eva Soussana’s singular talent as a goldsmith. There is and will be only one Chloe suite of jewelry.

Morgane Portheault Koresh - Guest Beauty Curator Morgane Portheault Koresh is the new Guest Beauty Curator for  CuratedIsrael’s Curate a One of a Kind Life Issue. Most often a fashion blogger Morgane also writes a lot about her beautiful hair as the ultimate accessory. Her brave choices in hair color are an encouragement for us all to remember to update our own locks for a fresh new look every season.


I invite you to experience the world of CuratedIsrael with me and make it your own. Please share your thoughts and reactions in return. Be at home in the world of CuratedIsrael and enjoy.

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